Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and welcome to the website of the historic Timothy Darling Presbyterian Church (USA).

Front of Timothy Darling Presbyterian Church

In the words of our founder Dr. George Clayton Shaw, we at Timothy Darling church are always in the process of taking …a backward glance…a present meditation… and a forward look as we minister to God’s people through the good news of the gospel.

From the first Sunday in August of 1888 until the present we have been concerned about the quality of life for our neighbors in Granville County and beyond.

We are a small church with a big heart for members and non-members alike. We love the Lord and his people. We take a backward glance to see our past and historical events important to the life of Timothy Darling church which is the body of Christ. We still learn from our founders. We are engaged in a present meditation about many concerns, and ministries God wants us engage and finally we take a forward look to discern the future of His church.

We invite you to join us on any Sunday to praise and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Mission Statement

The mission of Timothy Darling Presbyterian Church USA is to communicate the gospel and convey the good news that Jesus is Lord. We accept Christ’s call to share in ministry through worship, evangelism, stewardship and education to all humankind.